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Our Customer Charter

We will:

  1. Timekeeping
    • Respond to a customer's enquiry within 48 hours
    • Provide an estimate/quotation within an agreed timescale
    • Keep an appointment at the agreed time
    • Keep to a realistic working timetable

  2. Lawfulness
    • Adhere to all statutory Health and Safety requirements as far as reasonably practicable
    • Adhere to building regulations
    • Conduct ourselves as per the Hertfordshire Trading Standards good trader scheme
    • Always prepare and sign a domestic building contract for larger projects
    • Dispose of all waste in a responsible, legal manner

  3. Cleanliness
    • Keep our working area as clean and tidy as possible every day to minimise disruption
    • Respect the customer's property and belongings

  4. Workmanship guarantee
    • Guarantee our workmanship for 3 (three) years. This relates to all workmanship and elements of the build under our control
    • Carry out all work professionally and properly always using the most suitable materials and building methods

  5. Communication
    • Provide free estimates/quotations
    • Conduct ourselves in a professional polite manner
    • Keep the customer informed as to the weekly schedule of work
    • Keep the customer updated as to work progress

  6. Your money and our time
    • Complete your project within the agreed budget. In the event of additional work being necessary, we will discuss and agree on any additional costs before proceeding.